Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Working Class

Both Derek and Amanda have summer jobs. Derek is back working with Patrick doing landscaping, Derek did not work last summer because of his back injury. He loves getting out there doing the hard labor, working on his suntan, and having fun joking with Patrick.

Amanda is working for Dawn's friend Trish at her deli, Pic-A-Deli Cafe. Amanda is excited to be working and earning a paycheck. We are proud of both of them for taking the responsibility on their own to go out and experience the working world. I think they both will have an appreciation for the "all mighty dollar" when it is their own that they have earned.

I just don't understand how we have such high numbers of unemployed people when two teenagers can go out and get jobs....and decent paying jobs at that....but that is a whole other topic that can and probably will be discussed later.....

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