Friday, February 20, 2009

Quote to Think On

The human spirit is strong. It seems to run forever on nothing but a morsel of hope. Without it, you have nothing. With it, nothing else matters.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why am I a Republican?

I have been asked this question a few times over that past couple of weeks. So I thought I'd let some of my ideas and beliefs out....

I believe in the promise of America and the goodness of the American people.

I believe that the roots of our society are found in strong families, personal faith, solid communities, and love of country.

I believe that our flag, the "Stars and Stripes", is a true and unique symbol of the pride and patriotism Americans share in their beloved nation.

I believe that America is still the "shining city on a hill", and represents the dreams and aspirations of current and future generations of American citizens.

I believe that our government is best when it is closest to the people that it serves.

I believe that government and governmental programs should be efficient, and provide full accountability for the practices and policies it's leaders propose and implement.

I believe in the spirit of free enterprise, in which capitalism is the best means to keep our economy running strong, both now and in the future.

I believe that while government can and should be the provider of some essential services, it should function with limited taxation, financial efficiency and the adoption of innovations to allow taxpayers to get the most for their hard-earned tax dollars.

I believe that America's military is the most powerful military force in the world, and that our brave men and women who serve our nation deserve the respect and admiration a grateful nation can only bestow.

I believe that governments first and foremost responsibility is the providing of safety and security to our citizens.

I believe that the rights of law-abiding citizens should outweigh the rights of criminals and that the enforcement of existing laws, combined with the addition of innovative, common-sense policies, is the best means of furthering a civil society.

I believe that our natural environment is a precious resource for all humankind, and that citizens and government should work together to implement common-sense policies that allow for both environmental protection and economic growth.

I believe that in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, all persons are created equal, and that I oppose discrimination in any form, against any person, and for any reason.

I believe that Democrats stress a strong central government bureacracy that takes away power from the people.

I believe that Democrats "enjoy" spending a lot of taxpayer money and raising taxes. I believe that Democrats turn away from the Constitution and go their own way.

I believe that Democrats care more on special interest groups than on the people.

I believe that Democrats should act like Democrats instead of Federalists or Statists (should be more to the Right instead of the Left).

I believe that Democrats want to make things up to win instead of getting the facts.

I believe that the Left is putting Christians and American History at war for taking away historical things and those that have religion on it.

I believe that an individual should defend his/her position instead of changing his/her position.

"We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time." - Vince Lombardi

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Update on UNC-Asheville

Derek has made a decision and has given his "Verbal Commitment" to accept a track scholarship and attend UNC-Asheville in the fall of 2009.

We all feel this will be a great fit for Derek, both academically and to further him on the track as well.

Derek is very excited, as we are as well.

UNC-Asheville's mascot is the Bulldog....which is great for our family...since we all love bulldogs and I even have a bulldog tattoo for those who didn't know that.

Dawn and I are VERY proud of Derek and all of his accomplishments.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

University North Carolina Asheville

This past weekend Dawn and I drove our son Derek down to visit the University of North Carolina Asheville for an official visit. Derek is one of the top hurdlers in the state of Ohio this year and he is being recruited to run track in college.

The campus is absolutely beautiful!!! The mountains all around you and the fall colors as well.

We left out Friday morning at 2:30am. We drove into West Virginia and made a stop just after driving through Charleston. We stopped at a Hardee's for breakfast and had some good laughs with each other. We continued heading south and made our way into Asheville just before noon. Our meeting with the head track coach wasn't until 1:30pm. So we took our own tour around campus.

At 1:20pm we heading over to the Justice Center Sports Center at waiting by "Rocky" the school's bulldog mascot. Nine other recruits met by "Rocky" as well. Coach Jesse Morgan took use inside the Justice Center and we met briefly with the Athletic Director Janet Cone before going on another campus tour lead by Coach Morgan. At the end of the tour we went to the track, where the track team was holding practice. Coach Williams, the sprint and hurdle coach, talked with Derek for some time. After practice we headed for my sister Lisa's house, down in Greer, South Carolina. It took us about an hour to get there.

Friday night we went and watched Byrnes High School to watch Byrnes play Boiling Springs in football. Brynes won 42-6. We spent the night at Lisa and Eddie's.

Saturday morning we got up somewhat early and heading back to the campus to met with the Admissions Dept. After another campus tour, this tour took use inside some of the building around campus, we returned for an 11:30pm meeting with Coach Morgan and Williams.

At our meeting they offered Derek a nice Track Scholarship. We were so thrilled and of course proud of Derek. He is looking to study Engineering in college. UNCA has a wonderful Engineering Dept. that works closely with North Carolina State University.

We drove back to Lisa's Saturday night and just hung out with her and her family. It was VERY relaxing!!! We got up Sunday morning and really didn't want to leave....but soon realized we had to. We got home a little after 10pm Sunday night. Derek asked a lot of good questions while we were down there at the campus. He has put UNCA a the top of his list.

Here is their athletic page:

And the University's home page:


Monday, November 3, 2008

The Last Day

One day until the BIGGEST election in our great countries' history begins.

I can't recall the last time I was this nervous about anything. Our entire country...our lives...our beliefs...our moral compasses are all at stake here. It saddens me to know that so many people have already gone to the polls and will go tomorrow and had no idea why they voted for the candidate the voted for.

Many will have voted for "their" candidate because what the media told them, what a co-worker told them, what a person driving the van taking them to the poll told them....yet they never took the time to educate themselves on the issues, the candidates' past, their beliefs etc.

I believe there will many people who months from now will be asking themselves "Why is this happening?". And the simple answer will be "We tired to tell you educate yourself. You didn't have to listen to us. All you had to do was go and educate yourself. Find out the information for yourself." You would have seen it coming.

It is not too late. Take the time before you hit the voting booth and make sure the one you are voting for lines up with your beliefs, your moral compass, how YOU want to see our country run and governed.

That's my two cents........