Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Track Banquet

I guess I'll start with the bad crap of the day. It was a horrible day at work. Work orders out the wazoo, staff with their heads up their arses, people parking illegally in Handicap Parking...it was not a good day at the Manor. Enough of the crybaby negative crap....onto the good stuff.

Tonight was our track banquet. Derek was awarded his third varsity letter plaque and the Most Valuable Hurdler/Sprinter Award. My shot putter, Shane, was awarded the Outstanding Freshmen Award. Derek received that award as a freshmen. We have ALOT of really good Seniors leaving us this year. Mike, Brandon, Peter, John, and Ingold. All of them are good athletes, but more importantly, they are all wonderful young men who will be greatly missed.

On a side note....very side note....it looks as if the Dimocrats are FINALLY going to pick a canadiate to face Sen. John McCain......but who really cares???????

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