Thursday, June 12, 2008


frus·tra·tion-–noun-1.act of frustrating; state of being frustrated 2.something that frustrates, as an unresolved problem 3. a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety or depression, resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems

Anyone feeling that lately??? I believe to some degree ALL of us have. Gas prices, food prices because of the gas prices, kids, bills, work, boss, c0-workers, politics, McCain, Obama, voting, heat, humidity, stupid drivers, stupid in general, rude, unappreciative, disrespectful, taxes, oil, ANWR, war, military, death, cancer, illness, infection.........

love-noun, verb-
1.a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2.a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
3.sexual passion or desire.
4.a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
5.(used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like): Would you like to see a movie, love?
6.a love affair; an intensely amorous incident; amour.
7.sexual intercourse; copulation.
8.(initial capital letter) a personification of sexual affection, as Eros or Cupid.
9.affectionate concern for the well-being of others: the love of one's neighbor.
10.strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking for anything: her love of books.
11.the object or thing so liked: The theater was her great love.
12.the benevolent affection of God for His creatures, or the reverent affection due from them to God.

I love #12. We still live in a country with many great freedoms. Freedoms that give us choices. We can love freely. We can use love to remove frustration. What do I love?

Dawn, Derek, Amanda, Danielle, Mom, Dad, Lisa, Tiffany, Kurt, God/Spirit, April 20th, chocolate chip cookies, Dawn's cooking, yellow roses, sunsets, rainbows, Somewhere in Time, ice cold beer, pizza, Rocky River Brewing Co., officiating wrestling, coaching @ St Eds, a babies laugh, a good joke, family pictures, online games, fall leaves, spring flowers, autumn rain, trumpet solo, good sportsmanship, a firm handshake, quiet time with Dawn, walks to no where, crashing waves, pumpkin pie, 300 meter hurdles, a bald eagle, english bulldogs, grilled steak, a hug for no reason, smell of cherry tobacco, thin mints out of the freezer, Dad's laugh, butterfly kisses, a soft breeze, a well run track meet, seeing an old friend, SHMILY, toads, lawn jarts, North Carolina, Kittery, Maine, Dawn's spaghetti, sub homecoming, Caddyshack, thunderstorms, fresh cut grass, #22, love songs, Trugger, Pickle Bill's, candlelight, climbing trees, leaf sliding, Tom & Jerry, Christmas time, Fairview's track/field, Red Perfume, a cool breeze, a back rub, hot chocolate, Fritos, butterflies, a new challenge, Philippians 4:13.......

I do believe my loves far out weigh my frustrations.........

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