Friday, September 19, 2008

Sarah Palin's Involvement in Troopergate

Sarah has a sister

Sister was married to a State Trooper

State Trooper is just a world class a-hole (there's a theme here)

Did I mention that State Trooper husband is an a-hole? He tasered their 11 year old son (his step-son). Nice man.

Palin's husband and basically everyone that knew about what an a-hole Mr. State Trooper was, told the Commissioner to fire the Trooper*

Commissioner decided that there was nothing wrong with State Trooper being an egotistical a-hole, tasering 11 year old boys and carrying around a gun while being an a-hole

So the A-hole Trooper was investigated further

This was during the term of the Governor BEFORE Sarah Palin

A-face Trooper was suspended for ten days (which was shortened to five days after the Union complained, apparently they think it's a good idea for troopers to be assholes, taser 11 year old boys and carry guns while under the influence of a-hole)

This was also done prior to Palin's election (two months)

Time passes and finally in July of 2008 Palin removes the Commissioner from office after a performance review and offers him a job in another part of Government (which he declines)

The allegations of impropriety come from the person that Palin defeated in her successful election. Of course the media has pounced upon these allegations as truth and will sensationalize, as much as they possibly can, any allegation against Palin.

I'd like to go on record as being under the impression that what Sarah Palin did was not only the right thing to do, it was done in an honorable manner. Police who abuse their position of power MUST be removed. The commissioners, unions and others that seek to protect abusive police men and women are wrong.

They should be reminded that they are here to protect the populace, not promote the intimidation of the citizenry by police force.Not that it will matter one bit to the nutroot moonbats that can't think for themselves... they just see a Conservative woman, therefore, she must be wrong!*

Something about how a jerk like him with a gun and a taser and a propensity for using said taser against 11 year old boys didn't need to be a State Trooper...

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