Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's VP Choice

A relative unknown in the national political circle. She is a first term Governor. Only 44 years old. A former runner-up in the Miss Alaska Pageant. She is pro-life, against gay marriage (she did however veto legislation that would bar the state from granting benefits to partners of gay state employees), supports capital punishment, and belongs to Feminists for Life (a pro-life organization).

She has a bachelor's degree in journalism and minor in politics from the University of Idaho.Palin and her husband, Todd, have five children. The older son, Track, is in the Army. Then they have three girls: Bristol, Willow, and Piper. The youngest son, Trig, was born April of 2008 and has Down's Syndrome.

She is not afraid of the "good ol boys". She blew the whistle on former Republican Chairman Randy Ruedrich. Ruedrich was accused of doing party work on public time and supplying a lobbyist with a sensitive e-mail. Palin filed charges against Ruedrich and former Alaska Attorney General Gregg Renkes, both resigned. Ruedrich paid a record fine of $12,000.

Highlights of Governor Palin's tenure include a successful push for an ethics bill, and also shelving pork-barrel projects supported by fellow Republicans. Palin successfully killed the Bridge to Nowhere project that had become a nationwide symbol of wasteful earmark spending.

A poll published by Hays Research on July 28, 2008 showed Palin's approval rating at 80%.

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