Sunday, July 20, 2008

Been Awhile

Summer is flying by.....but so does every season...doesn't it?

It has been a busy weekend.

Friday was the kick off of Fairview's Summerfest. Amanda and Danielle marched in the parade. It was nice to watch a good ole fashion "small town" family style parade. Baseball teams, the high school marching band, nice cars, etc....

The only thing that really bothered me was when the beginning of the parade came by. The parade was being lead by both color guards from the Legion and the VFW. What got me was as they marched by very few people stood up. I heard people clapping but very few stood up. Where is the respect for the men and women who not only served but more importantly gave their life for our country/freedom? I stood at full attention when those men and flags marched proudly by.....just like my parents taught me and came to understand while serving in the US Navy.

I may not agree with everything that goes on in our country and how it is being run....but I will always support our sailors and soldiers....NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

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Lisa Watson said...

AMEN!! It amazes me the lack of respect some people show for our country these days. Our country, each other, elders, the Bible, unfortunatley the list can go and on. It makes you wonder what some of these parents are teaching (or not teaching) their kids. We need to be very thankful we were raised and taught what we were!